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Creating experiences is one of my most prized possessions in the world. As a Stage Manager, much of my work is unseen by the public eye. I send out reports, make sure a show goes smoothly, and am the master communicator between all departments. My work can be seen as logistical, but in reality, it is a creative dance to make a vision of the show come to life and stay alive.

One of my favorite aspects of this job is going through TECH. When lights, sound, projections, scenery, costumes, and many other departments are added to the production for the first time all together, I enjoy making sure that everything is working smoothly. Problem-solving on my feet, communicating with others, and balancing a busy schedule brings me unobtainable joy like nothing else.

My goal as a theatre professional is to help create meaningful and lasting art. As a Stage Manager, I can accomplish this by problem-solving, coming prepared for obstacles, and working with each department thoroughly.

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